Select from the embroidery thread colors below for your custom order. Because computer or phone monitors display color different we always suggest customers make a visit to proof colors before running any job.

A7 Rose Cerise

A11 Begonia

A14 Rose Tint

A15 Burgundy

A21 Dark Maroon

A24 Warm Wine

B4 New Berry

B8 Wild Pink

B12 Ruby Glint

B19 Red

B20 Foxy Red

B25 Wild Fire

C3 Cranberry

C7 Rosewood

C8 Bitteroot

C10 Flesh

C17 Coral

D1 Seafrost

D9 Sky Blue

D10 Lake Blue

D11 Pro Lusty Blue

D14 Periwinkle

D15 Aquamarine

D16 California Blue

D24 Royal

E1 Imperial Blue

E5 Country Blue

E10 Pro Brilliance

E11 Atlantis Blue

E15 Cadet Blue

E16 Ozone

E16 Salem Blue

E19 Pro Navy

E25 Light Navy

F3 Navy

G1 Rockport Blue

G2 Wonder Blue

G8 Chrome

G10 Gull

G22 Tulip

H3 Raspberry

H6 Purple Twist

H12 Purple

I1 Turquoise

I10 Pine Green

I15 Flite Green

I23 Evergreen

J13 Erin Green

J17 Light Kelly

J19 Dark Green

K3 Peapod

K5 Green Dust

K7 Meadow

K8 Tamarack

K11 Sage

K16 Field Green

K20 Desert Cactus

L3 Water Lilly

L4 Ivy

L9 Pale Yellow

M1 Dafodil

M3 Cornsilk

M4 Nectar

M9 Goldanrod

M12 Pumpkin

M17 Texas Orange

M20 Old Dark Texas Orange

M21 Golden poppy

N12 Shimmering Gold

N16 Terra Cotta

N17 Pro Red

N18 Auburn

N20 Ivory

N23 Wicker

O6 Amber Beige

O7 Seashell

O10 Sand Dune

O11 Taupe

O14 Pro Walnut

O18 Dark Brown

P8 Perfect Tan

P9 Earthen Tan

P10 Golden Tan

P12 TH Gold

P14 Platinum

P15 Pro Grey

P16 Greyrod

Q1 Cloud

Q2 Silver Steel

Q4 Silvery Grey

Q10 Metal

Q11 Twilight

Q12 Aged Charcoal

Q13 Charcoal

Q15 Ash

Q16 Black

Q18 Snow White

Q20 Eggshell