Meet the team.

Terrell Hill

OWNER / Sales

Terrell started it all 30 years ago.

He loves basket weaving, and singin’ the blues.

Bonnie Hill

Embroidery extraordinaire

Bonnie has her black belt in embroidery and sewing.

She enjoys Hawaiian themed parties and the haystacks that come with them.

Esther Beck

Graphic Designer

Esther, “will work for pistachios”

Gracie Simmons

Production Manager

Gracie has never broken a bone or tooth.

She goes sky diving every other Tuesday to keep things loose. Plan your visit to TTOD accordingly.

Andrew Simmons

Production Manager

Andrew is a certified squeegee warrior

He keeps a pristine, colored sock collection which has been featured in 11 sock magazines across the world.

Emma Simmons

Production Manager

Emma won the spelling bee in 5th grade

She never misses a sunset, tonight’s sunset is # 6927

Kimball Hill


Kimball arrived on planet earth the summer of 1991

He found this job printing shirts the summer of 2006 and decided to stick around a while.

Franklin & Frankleen

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