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Art to be printed or embroidered on items needs to be prepared in a vector based design program such as Adobe illustrator to work correctly. Vector images can be re-sized easily without compromising image quality. .eps, .ai, .pdf are some of the file types which work best.

Feel free to give us a visit, for assistance preparing your art file.

The following Video produced by Sticker Mule explains this concept further

Because of the risk of damage associated with printing and embroidery equipment, we do not guarantee items brought in by customers to be printed or embroidered. 

Getting your order and  printing or embroidery design just right can take time. Plan ahead and give yourself 3-4 weeks if possible to ensure your order gets to you on time.

Before we can send your order to production we will need the following from you,

  1. Vector art file
  2. List of items to be ordered by size/color
  3. Approval of embellishment colors and size
  4. Method of payment

We are here to help you through the entire process.